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Stackable and Flexible Joined Cabin Containers Supplies in Malaysia

Here at PKG Container International (M) Sdn Bhd Cabin and Container Supplies, Malaysia, we are constantly looking for ways to improve on the production of our cabin containers. Besides that we also work on improving the usability and functionality of the cabin containers to serve you better. All these are done through feedbacks from our clients, trial and evaluation and also on-site observations.

Using cabin containers offers you a lot of flexibility as compared to building a temporary structure. The cabin containers are stackable, thus giving you 2 or 3 story of space without having to pile the ground for foundation work. The cabin containers can also be joined or linked together to make a bigger space according to your needs. The cabin containers are also strong and sturdy.

Redesign and Refurbish Cabins and Containers in Klang Valley and Kuala Lumpur

At PKG Container International (M) Sdn Bhd cabin and container supplies and service in Malaysia, we refurbish the containers and we also redesign it to tailor to your needs. Our staff team in-charge of refurbishment is extremely skilled in their work and our existing clients are satisfied and happy with the workmanship of our crew.

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